The ART of Health and Beauty Through Fitness


Professional celebrity fitness trainer, author, spokesperson and visionary entrepreneur, TERRI WALSH created the groundbreaking A.R.T. Method as the essential foundation of a total lifestyle makeover. The concept, ‘fitness as a practice’ elevates the most basic of fitness elements as its’ most important and gives pushups, lunges, squats a new level of reverence heretofore only seen in dance, yoga and martial arts. Terri says, “Since the explosion of high intensity ‘everything’ in the consumer fitness arena, we’ve lost the essential basics that a good high intensity program is built on…mastery, study and yes, reverence of essential elemental fitness motions that are required in everyday life. “I find them beautiful, and created the ART Method around a ten minute ‘fitness vinyasa’ or Technique Study that’s performed before every workout. Performing the Technique Study everyday will not only get you in shape but it will help you find engage and maintain the four Active Resistance Points that make the ART Method more and more challenging the better you get at it.”

It’s this kind of vision and creative process that’s hallmarked an interesting fitness career. Terri’s career started and thrived in the immensely competitive environment of New York City working with various prestigious health clubs including the Vertical Club and Molly Fox Studios. She was consequently appointed by Crunch Fitness as its very first ever Creative Director of Programming, formulating programs and supervising the group fitness instructors. Eventually she moved away from major health clubs to expand on her vision she opened her own studio in order to provide clients with more hands-on and focused attention while setting the developmental groundwork for the ART Method as it exists today. With three decades of professional experience, Terri has always blended an assuredly reliable knowledge of fitness with an innovative perspective and a personal understanding of the modern woman’s lifestyle. She’s been featured in national fashion and fitness magazines and has appeared on numerous television shows. Key to Terri’s philosophy is the intrinsic role of fitness in enhancing all aspects of life – which was also the central theme of her bestselling book “Diva: The Fitness System to Unleash Your Female Power” from the Berkley Publishing Group in 1997.

Today, Terri continues to promote this integrated principle of fitness practice equals healthy lifestyle while inspiring an ever growing following via her A.R.T. Method and its DVD, App, Online Streaming Fitness Classes and immensely popular A-List Body bootcamps. Terri’s dedication, intuitive and highly accessible approach not only ensures results but provides everyone the means with which to transform themselves wholly from the inside out, instill a passion for life and achieve their most cherished dreams.


Every BODY is a work of A.R.T. ™ It’s this simple, core belief that lead Terri to create The A.R.T. Method over the course of her 30 years as a professional fitness trainer and group exercise instructor. A.R.T. stands for Active Resistance Training ®, a ‘fitness practice’… an entirely new way to think, workout, participate, and study fitness. This isn’t a temporary program. This is a PRACTICE, that gets you and KEEPS you in INCREDIBLE SHAPE.