This ART Method Beginner Workout is complete. Warm-Up, Tech Study and complete beginner workout & cool down so you know how to structure your classes going forward.

Do this workout for one week while you wait for the release of workout #2. You should be able to complete this workout before moving to workout #2.

Next week: choose a warm-up from the warm-up playlist, choose the tech study from the tech study playlist and then choose beginner workout #2 from the Beginner Workouts playlist to get used to constructing your workouts based on what YOU need.

There will be additional warm-ups and stage 2-3 tech studies added so you can work your way through being a beginner safely and effectively!

Questions? Leave them in the comments! See you next week!

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Art Method @ Home #1 Workout—- User Review
You only need a mat and two blocks.

There is a warm up. If you are at all familiar of her ART streaming classes, this is a v. similar workout. (if you have her dvd too). if not. basically what it is. moving side to side in a lunge, then stretching your arms over your head, then to the front, then doing a runners lunge/stretch warm up. very fluid. very dooable.

then comes tech study number 1. (Terri also has two versions. one very basic, and one level two). this isn’t the 10 minute tech study she normally does). right now, the premise is having everything done correctly and really breaking down what the tech study is supposed to do. (keeping your shoulders down, feet firm, navel back/ribs closed).

the DCT (dynamic cardio) was also broken down in layers. the cycle is 8. so 8 planks to downward dogs, then planks, knee taps, then side-mountain climbers (i don’t know what these are really, but it was basically moving your knee across your stomach.. this was hard for me (and if you are a Bigger Girl – you might find this challenging too). i did these. incredibly slowly to get the movement done)

by this time my arms were on fire

the mat workout itself was

leg kick back
leg kickback-hydrant combo
double hydrant

and you just kept alternating your levels this was my favourite part of the workout and I didn’t feel like death – but i did get an incredible burn on my bum.

then came something that was incredibly difficult for me. Terri had you stack blocks up then you were to sit down, then stand back up (something that i was able to do before – think. Goblet squats if you Kettlebell, if not. you basically have your legs wide and then you squat, then drive up with your feet planted using your core to stand back up). out of 16, i only did 4. (2 on blocks) 2 on my ottoman (not bracing my hands with my knees)

after that, you did side lying work with

leg kick front
side plank
leg kick-side plank combo
leg kick back

then there were some ab work with the block
then a stretch
and done

it took me a while (i needed to get my heart rate down), and breaks. Terri. really. really breaks this down (and she always ends with – if you get to a point where you don’t need the set up – just do another set while i talk.

I am going to be doing this workout about 4x a week, and concentrating on the aspects that caused me issues the day before. (so. lots of lunges and gobblet squatting. sigh).

I think regardless of your fitness level you can do this.
if planks are an issue, you will find this challenging.
if you are v. curvy you’d have issues with the mountain climbers

I wouldn’t call this a beginner” workout in the sense that it was “easy” but it’s very dooable if that makes sense.