Join A.R.T. Virtual Studio Online Streaming Fitness Classes


Active Resistance Training®


$6.99/month. Classes stream right to your phone, computer, TV, ipad or laptop!


Try up to EIGHT full-length ART Mat Pratice classes for $1 each before you subscribe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try a class?

YES! You can try up to 8 different ART Mat classes for $1 for 24 hours!

Are subscriptions refundable?

No. Cancel whenever you like.

Are the workouts broken into levels?

Yes. There are two levels, 1 & 2. Level 2 starts in your second year with the 14 Series.

How often will classes be added?

We add full length classes weekly!

What classes are there now?

52 weeks of full-length Mat Practice classes + tons of bonus content along with extras like add-ons, ‘QuickTones’® and other goodies!

What are A.R.T. Method classes like?

Addicting. Unique. They’re hard! They’re FUN! These are real-time actual classes as they are being taught for our real clients.

Don’t count on a super-fancy production. Our clients are gracious enough to allow us to shoot, so we want as little disruption for them as possible. You may see the backs of some people, however we move the front row back to allow you to participate as if YOU are in the front row.

Since we think fitness is a practice, we do things a little differently. Classes can look unorganized…but they are not! We allow everyone to find their own rhythm and pace in our classes, everyone isn’t forced into the same speed. YOU can do this!

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes! It’s private. Go here to ask more questions:

Are ART Mat Practice classes available for download?

No. The subscription fee grants you access during the time you are subscribed only. You are not purchasing workouts, and you do not own the right to use them in any way other than streamed from this website.