Consultations are free for: individual private online personal training packages . We require detailed information from the consultation request. To secure a confirmed consultation appointment, credit card authorization is required. This policy insures that time is utilized effectively. Thank you for your understanding!

Facility & Location

TW TRAINING NYC & The ART Method Virtual Studio now focuses exclusively on online personal training, online fitness classes, private luxury fitness retreats and ART Method instructor training and facility licensing. Facility classes can be found at CRUNCH, YMCA, Equinox assorted locations in NY, SF, Miami, Palo Alto.

Direct to consumer streaming media portals like our ART Virtual Studio and the Beginner Series ART Method @ Home allow us much more flexibility to spread Active Resistance Training® globally.

Our address: 174 W. 4th St #305 NY NY 10014

Privacy & Media Ownership

Privacy is a premium commodity in todays cell-phone video-upload to youtube world. Terri trains and has trained all sorts of celebrities, CEOs and other high profile, well-known people. Terri is happy to sign your non-disclosure agreement for a negotiable privacy fee.

All video, photos, shot by Terri at TWTNYC is owned by Terri Walsh, TW Training NYC. The ART Studio NYC retains the right to use every and all media created by or at the studio, in any media, advertisements be they online/print/television. If you’d like your name left out, that’s certainly no problem.

All client pictures, names and testimonials appearing on this site do so by permission acquired by TW Training NYC, LLC.

Online (Remote) Appointments

Remote appointments are done using FaceTime, Google HangOuts, or Skype and are scheduled to accommodate your time zone.


TW Training NYC accepts Checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Sessions are paid for in full, at, or prior to your first session. Special event packages are reserved with a non-refundable 50% deposit at time of booking. Balance due before or at first session. Personal Training packages expire one year from purchase date.


Please cancel within 24 hours of your appointment to avoid being charged.


There are no refunds. There are no ‘make-ups’.
– Personal training packages expire one year from purchase date.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a BEGINNER, I don’t know where to start. HELP!

If you’re a beginner, have special circumstances, deadlines, projects or health concerns or are unsure of where/how to get started Please contact us now and we’ll help you figure out the best ART Method workout for your situation.

I’m looking for the ultimate wedding preparation.

If you would like an elite customized private experience and would like to train with Terri Walsh, please fill out the consultation form!

I need on-going personal training, customized for me.

If you would like an elite customized private experience and would like to train with Terri Walsh, please fill out a consultation request.

What Is Active Resistance Training®?

Active Resistance Training® is “fitness, as practice”…created by Terri Walsh over the course of 30 years in the fitness business. The ART Method is the study of four active resistance points that are activated while in motion. Awareness of of the AR points is facilitated by the signature use of two foam yoga blocks that allow you to find, engage and maintain active resistance throughout a mat practice.

The ART Method yields an entirely non-impact workout that burns body fat faster, increases flexibility, and develops lean muscle in the most efficient format on the market today. INTENSE, unique and fun, you won’t see anything like it!

Does the ART Method use weights?

Yes. Active Resistance Training® uses all kinds of traditional fitness equipment: heavy, light, bands, tubing, kettle bells, chairs and yoga blocks in a new, fun and unexpected way. Classes can also be entirely blocks only. No matter how you utilize it the ART Method is fat torching intensity requiring yogic focus and concentration!

I would like to try a class!

You can learn the ART Method with ART Method @ Home on YouTube or you can try a full-length intermediate/advanced class at ART Method On Demand  for only $1!