How to do Push-ups for Beginners: Active Resistance Training® Technique Study

⚡️How to do Pushups in the Active Resistance Training® tech study

Pushups in the ART Method are not about cranking out tons of reps – although in Tech Study 1 we are shooting for 3 sets of 10 straight leg pushups. The pushups in the ART Method are to train you to be able to go from horizontal (lying down) to vertical (standing) quickly and efficiently.

It’s about being strong enough and aware enough and mobile enough to go from floor to standing as easily as you can walk.

The pushups in the ART Method are different in that they start from an entirely prone position on the floor, and, return to that prone position touching the floor between each and every rep.

Why? Why the touching the floor between each repetition? Isn’t it harder to not touch the floor?
Well…..no …..harder is relative. Re-engaging and maintaining the pushups position and using your FULL range of motion every time is actually harder and requires more focus, strength and coordination.

We touch the floor between each rep to be able to find, and re-engage all four active resistance points: feet, navel, ribs, shoulders on every single rep. The focus is in re-engaging EVERY SINGLE TIME. Every single rep.

It’s so important- I honestly am not hung up on how many reps you do. It’s so much more important to find the active resistance and maintain it all the way up and all the way down in every single push-up, than it is to pump out a bunch of wavy dolphins 😀. We want you to utilize your active resistance to maintain a completely level body position throughput the entire range of motion, throughout the entire set.

So within the scope of the ART Method pushups will help you later on, even within Tech Study 1 when you’re walking to vertical from plank positions.

The goal is a balanced strength from front to back and side to side. It’s about strength and mobility and the ability to transition from one to the other with ease and confidence.

Tech Study 1 has 3 sets of straight leg pushups. Start practicing.

How many push-ups should a beginner do a day?
A beginner should start with as many push-ups as possible and then add two more reps every day. For example, if you can do two push-ups today, tomorrow, you should try and do four.

Are push ups good for women?
Yes! Push-ups are an effective total body strengthening exercise for women. Push-ups strengthen the chest, triceps, shoulders, back, abs, and legs. Push-ups build lean muscle mass and get your heart rate up, offering some cardio benefits as well.

How many push-ups should a woman do a day?
Women should do as many push-ups as they can every day. The best way to start is to start with five reps, either with straight legs or bent knees and add on a few reps every day.

Do push-ups reduce belly fat?
On their own, as a standalone thing? No, push-ups do not burn belly fat by themselves. However, push-ups can raise your heart rate into a cardiovascular training zone that does burn belly fat. So push-ups done in combination with other exercises for a minimum of 20 minutes can burn belly fat.

How long does it take to see results from doing push-ups?
You will see results daily when you start doing push-ups. You will see your strength improve from day to day as you’re able to add more repetitions. You will see a visible difference in muscle tone and firmness by the end of the first week. As the weeks go by, you’ll notice that your endurance and muscular definition has improved, spurring you on toward your fitness goals.

Can you lose weight from push-ups?
Any movement can help you lose weight. Push-ups require you to use your body weight, so in theory, you’d have to do a lot of push-ups to lose weight if that’s your only exercise! Any amount of push-ups will help you towards a weight loss goal. Unless you want to do thousands of them, you should consider adding some other exercise as well.

Do push-ups build muscle?
Yes. Push-ups build lean muscle mass in the chest, shoulders, back, and triceps.

Do push-ups tone?
Yes. Push-ups tone the chest, shoulders, back, triceps, and abdominals.

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“All A.R.T. Method mat classes are entirely non-impact, total-body, joint-friendly, and designed to need only the space of your mat.”

“All A.R.T. Method mat classes are entirely non-impact, total-body, joint-friendly, and designed to need only the space of your mat.”

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