ART METHOD MAT WORKOUT 1 DVD by Celebrity Trainer Terri Walsh


Sculpt your body into a work of ART in just 6 short weeks. Celebrity fitness pro, Terri Walsh, shows you how with these 2 incredibly effective, turbo-charged workout routines. The A.R.T. Method is expertly designed to melt fat, develop lean muscle and transform your body – Fast!

The cornerstone of the ART Method is the signature use of 2 foam yoga blocks. The next groundbreaker is The Technique Study® a 10 min ‘fitness-vinyasa’ (and workout in and of itself) that is practiced before every workout, giving participants the opportunity to find, engage, and maintain their active resistance points during every workout, deepening their strength, intrinsically, prior to further exertion.

The ART Methods unique Dynamic Cardio Toning® ‘fitness-vinyasa’ structure sets it apart in that it is cardio and lean muscle toning in progressive, layered weighted and unweighted mat work combinations that target every womans troubles zones in a fun, easy to learn, fat-burning way. THE ART METHOD use of yoga blocks in new, fun and creative ways increases the difficulty, and the calorie burn, while strengthening the mind body connection as well stimulating the deep focus of a practice.

Active Resistance Training® fuses core focused three-dimensional body weight flows with asymmetrically weighted training sequences along with a signature use of yoga blocks to create a calorie torching non-destructive intensity called ‘active resistance’.

The A. R. T. Method is Fitness as Practice. A unique blend of science-based contemporary strength training and flexibility combined with mobility, yoga, pilates, and functional fitness applied in three-dimensional patterns that train you from head to toe.


Finding, engaging and maintaining the active resistance eliminates the need for extra ‘cardio’. Active Resistance lengthens and strengthens the body in such a way as to combine traditional toning, strength, flexibility, mobility, and fat-burning into the efficacy of one daily practice.


The signature use of two foam yoga blocks protects and heals joints, while full body multi-planar movements increase the range of motion, keeping you supple while eliminating the need for impact to add intensity.

The DVD purchase comes with FREE ACCESS to the Private Community where members get:

ART Method Program Guidelines
ART Method Portion Control & Meal Management
ART Method Workout Notes


The ART Method Mat Workout 1 DVD has 2 full length 50 minute workouts on a 90 minute dvd, and comes with access to Terri’s private fan group, 6 week program and meal guidelines.

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The A.R.T. Method by Terri Walsh

Mat Workout 1
Director: Aubrey Franchell & Elisabeth Jamison
Studio: ART Studio NYC
Producer: Viento Media
Starring: Terri Walsh
Genre: Exercise/Fitness/Health
Rated: G
Region coded: US NTSC
Run time: 90
UPC bar code: 885007195566
Disc: dvd
Release date: May 1, 2011
Celebrity Fitness Pro Terri Walsh transforms your trouble spots in these two innovative 50 min. workouts.
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