The problem now is that yoga teachers saturate the ashram and the gym and there are very few jobs available. Having a 200 or 500 RYT Yoga certification is a fantastic first step but what else can you do? Hold on to your ethical yamas and stay on the mat because Terri Walsh, celebrity trainer, has the solution.

In the early nineties Walsh was the creative director of programming at Crunch Fitness and implemented the largest infusion of yoga on the schedule any gym had yet embraced. Walsh saw that yoga had amazing properties for what she describes as, “high impact results from a non-impact format”. After twenty years of intense study Walsh eventually created her own trademark and patent: Active Resistance Training®. The A. R. T Method uses two standard foam yoga blocks to create resistance in distinct zones of our body that target large and small muscle groups. The principals of internal alignment and concentration rely on the same musculoskeletal strength needed in Yoga and Pilates classes, but Walsh brings a special brand of aerobic energy to it. Walsh is firm: “This is not yoga with weights and it is not weights with yoga. It is not yoga and it is not fitness: it is a fitness practice”.

Through the years Walsh has found that focusing on non-impact active resistance with cardiovascular combinations gives clients the longevity in fitness we are all striving for. Walsh has on line class subscriptions (Active Resistance Training® on YouTube) and is being featured at the IDEA Fitness Conference in Los Angles Friday July 17 at 10:10am. Currently about 100 instructors are now teaching the ART Method in NYC, LA, San Francisco, and Miami. Well-known chains and facilities like Crunch and the YMCA have implemented the A.R.T. method into their program and Molly Fox has incorporated it as part of her repertoire at Equinox in Palo Alto. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has approved the Active Resistance Training® Teacher Training program for 1.6 Continuing Education Credits.

A year ago I leapt past my limits and ruptured my Achilles. Since I can no longer teach cardio classes or power yoga I went to a three-day workshop to experiment with Walsh’s program at Manu Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica. For the past three months I have followed the on line tutorials and the A.R.T method has given me back strength, alignment, and muscle definition. This is a fused discipline that requires experienced insights and a deep commitment to the profession of fitness. This wounded yoga guru was able to expand her repertoire and with Walsh’s A.R.T. method and found a new ways to embrace the block.

Don’t miss Terri Walsh at the IDEA Fitness Conference in Los Angles Friday July 17 at 10:10am, or check out her Teacher Training options in Costa Rica.

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