ART Method Personal Training Online

Online Personal Training with Fitness Expert Terri Walsh

Why Online Personal Training with Terri Walsh?

Efficient Portability!

The most modern way to maintain your hectic life and maintain your health. Terri understands the high powered clients lifestyle. Global travel is the new normal and no matter which property you’re staying in this week you can still meet Terri and maintain your workout schedule.

Workout in the privacy of your own home, office, or hotel room while traveling. Terri uses FaceTime and other platforms to great ends in ways that get the same amazing results as a static location while always being available to accommodate her clients travel schedules. You never have to miss a session! All you’ll need is high speed wifi and your iPad to maintain your training sessions anywhere you are in the world.

Privacy! Anywhere.

Unflattering paparazzi shots to and from the gym, studio & locker room snoops, todays world is different and intrusive. Your private training sessions are where you are, and entirely customized for YOU. You’ll also never see or hear Terri discussing her clients in the media unless you want her to.

A.R.T. Studio NYC offers Guaranteed Privacy with a non-disclosure agreement/privacy fee. TERRI WALSH and A.R.T. Virtual Studio NYC is ideal for the city’s busy professional, socialite avoiding tabloid exposure, celebrity training for a movie or any other high profile person who needs guaranteed, completely private workout sessions.

Completely Customized!

Your workouts are customized for you and you alone. You’ll send daily food diaries, have your stats tracked weekly so you’ll be kept accountable to yourself. Your results will be tracked and you’ll know that everything you’re doing will have one focus: TO ENABLE YOUR BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF TO BECOME THE EVERYDAY AWESOME.

You’ll be able to scale things up for events and scale things back for no fuss maintenance. This level of service literally does not exist. This is Terri’s standard level of personal training service that a high powered life requires, in order to maintain the ability to exist in the arena you’ve created. For a certain lifestyle this isn’t a luxury, its a necessity.