The ART of Beauty, Health & Fitness 




Acclaimed celebrity fitness trainer, author, and spokesperson TERRI WALSH is the creator of the groundbreaking A.R.T. Method, which she conceived, refined, and perfected across the 35 years of her career. She started in the immensely competitive environment of New York City working with various prestigious health clubs including the Vertical Club, Molly Fox Studios, and Crunch Fitness as its first ever Creative Director of Programming. There she formulated programs and hired, trained and managed group fitness instructors over 5 locations and over 400 weekly classes. Eventually, she opened her studio to provide clients with more hands-on and focused attention while setting the developmental groundwork for the A.R.T. Method.

As her expertise grew so did the demand for Terris expertise in the media. She’s been featured in national fashion and fitness magazines such as Elle, Self, Health and many others and has appeared on numerous television shows most notably as a prominent presence on ESPN2’s Crunch Fitness TV show, a groundbreaker for its time.  Additionally, her bestselling book “Diva: The Fitness System to Unleash Your Female Power” (Berkley Publishing Group) provided women with a better understanding of how fitness enhances all aspects of life. Today, Terri continues to live these integrated principles of health while inspiring an ever-growing following via the evolution of her A.R.T. Studio NYC into a global online platform with the ART Studio on Facebook, App, Online Fitness Classes, Private Facebook Group, #MotivationMonday Facebook Live broadcasts, and her #EmbodyYourBrand online personal training.


Terri’s devoted clients of high profile CEO’s, commentators, activists, fashion designers, journalists, artists, actors, bloggers, influencers, mompreneurs, and public figures understand the importance of being camera-ready and embodying their brands with the vibrant health, glow and energy vital in this interconnected world. More than just creating a brand image, the A.R.T. Method of making fitness an essential part of your skill set helps anyone manage 24/7 careers and responsibilities in this ‘on-camera anytime’ FaceBook Live – YouTube – Instagram business environment. Terri’s dedication, intuitive and highly accessible approach not only ensures results but provides everyone the means with which to transform themselves wholly from the inside out, instill a roadmap for success and achieve their most cherished dreams.


The A.R.T. Method is Fitness as Practice. A unique blend of science-based contemporary strength, knowledge of health and fitness, and Terri’s unique perspective and direct personal understanding of the lifestyles of successful people. Terri elevates the mastery of ‘active resistance’ with progressive asymmetrical three-dimensional movement patterns that train you from head to toe. Finding, engaging and maintaining the active resistance eliminates the need for extra ‘cardio.’ Active Resistance lengthens and strengthens the body in such a way as to combine traditional toning, strength, flexibility, mobility, and fat-burning into the efficacy of one daily practice. The signature use of two foam yoga blocks protects and heals joints, while full body multi-planar movements increase the range of motion, keeping you supple while also eliminating the need for impact to add intensity.


Every BODY is a work of A.R.T. ™ A.R.T. stands for Active Resistance Training®, a ‘fitness practice’…that uses 2 signature foam yoga blocks to create loaded and unloaded 3 dimensional asymmetric movement patterns while maintaining the calorie torching non-destructive intensity called ‘active resistance’.