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Every woman has parts of her body she’s unhappy with. As a result, we can sometimes feel like these areas need extra attention. Consequently, these workouts are designed for those who want to work on what they perceive to be trouble zones. These intense workouts are for you!

Bridal Workout Routine

Or, are you looking for a bridal workout plan? In addition, you can think of this as your Bridal Workout Plan Tool Kit. These workouts have been successfully applied to all of Terri’s brides since its release and is a cost-effective solution when on a tight budget. In other words, you shouldn’t go into a financial hole while getting ready for your wedding.

Turn Trouble Zones Into Confidence!

Based on Terri Walsh’s Active Resistance Training® Method. Created for the insatiable exercise enthusiast, these intense, problem zone workouts shape, tone, and tame every woman’s unique situation. Firstly, each workout is a targeted ‘prescription’ to refine, balance, tighten, correct, and rebalance. Secondly, these are bridal workout plan tested and approved! Above all, every woman should feel confident even in what she perceives are her ‘problem zones’ and look her best every day.

Leaner: Arms & Shoulders – 60 min
Leaner: Back & Rear Waist – 60 min
Leaner: Abs – 60 min
Leaner: Inner Thigh – 60 min
Leaner: Outer Thigh – 60 min
Leaner: Butt – 68 min

Each of these trouble zone workouts is a full 60 min and presented without music. Recommended: Itunes Radio station Abacus.fm Beethoven One.

Do the whole 60 min on your T-Zone of choice or use them as ‘add-ons’ when you need an extra focus. They are easily segmented into sequences, so you’re able to customize your experience.

Equipment: ankle wts, 1-3 lb dumbbells, tubing, two yoga blocks.