Terri Walsh has been a Celebrity Personal Trainer for 35 years. She has been working solely remotely using Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, FB Messenger video since 2014. She can talk you through learning the technical ropes so you can experience her expertise in a new way via online personal training. You’ll get complete and focused attention, stable appointments, customized always evolving programming, and incredible results. You’ll be camera-ready all the time and ever ready to continue to meet the challenges your life and career presents.

Here’s How It Works:

– Fill out the consultation form. Receive an appointment.
– Meet for a consultation and fitness assessment, measurements and discussion of your needs, goals and expectations.

– Terri will create an entirely customized fitness program based entirely on you.
– You will meet a minimum of 2-4x weekly. More available or special events and circumstances like weddings, events, photoshoots, and movie prep can be accommodated please inquire.
– You will be measured weekly with stats recorded in a solo private Facebook group with you and Terri.
– You will receive Terris EatWell High-Protein recipe book to start off your meal planning.
– You will post your meal pics and have a running record of your entire experience.

– Fitness trackers, like FitBit are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and provide Terri with invaluable data to finetune your programming to maximize your experience and drill down into cardiovascular health, obesity prevention and stabilization of blood sugar.

– Sessions are purchased in 20 session packages only.
– Monthly retainer yearly contracts are available after a minimum of (3) 20 session packages have been completed.

Price & Payment:

Hourly: $400

20 sessions: $6000.00 payable by any credit card, PayPal, or Venmo.