Online Personal Training for Women Over 50 with Terri Walsh

Online Personal Training – Men Over 50
with Terri Walsh

Hi! I’m Personal Trainer Terri Walsh, creator of the Active Resistance Training® Method, and I’ve been a celebrity Trainer and a 35 year veteran of the fitness industry in NYC. I now provide online personal training and Livestream fitness classes exclusively since my move to Costa Rica in 2014. I have extensive experience training CEOs, Venture Capitalists, Hedge Fund Owners, Creatives and Artists. I understand your lifestyle and needs.

I was the first Creative Director of Programming at Crunch Fitness and I also headlined five different shows on Crunch Fitness’ ESPN2 including “Washboard Abs” videos. I created the Yoga Block Workouts which were featured in Self, Women’s Health, Shape, Crunch Gyms, and many more. I’m an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Specialist. I’ve been interviewed, quoted, or featured in numerous beauty, fashion, print, and television media over the length of my continuing career. When you train with me, you’ll get:

Customized One/One Online Personal Training Sessions

Maintaining Energy For Your Lifestyle

Peak-level energy is necessary to keep your lifestyle, business, and thriving family life viable and enjoyable.

Weight Loss & Health Markers

The good life may have been a little too good! It may be time to drop some weight, get your cholesterol under control and get your blood pressure markers where they should be.

Life Events & Family Obligations

International travel, business meetings, kids going off to college, or graduating high school means you need to function on many levels simultaneously. So feeling slow, tired, and worn down is not an option.

Mental Acuity, Performance & Focus

The physical challenge keeps you mentally focused and high-performing. Fitness is necessary to keep your brain sharp and your body finely tuned. You want to approach middle age with more robust vitality.

Online Personal Training via Zoom

Private training sessions via zoom are private, convenient, and customized just for you.

We meet face to face via zoom for hour-long sessions a minimum of 2x/weekly, and you’ll commit to 2 other workouts per week of your choice of activities.

Fitness Assessment

We’ll do a thorough fitness assessment to understand where you are, how you got there, and where you want to go.


We’ll use endurance, flexibility, weight training, kettlebells, mobility, bodyweight, yoga, strength training, and sport-specific movements in varying combinations to get you and keep you healthy, energetic, balanced, flexible, and mobile.

Nutrition, Tracking & Accountability

We’ll work closely on your nutrition. I can work with your existing chef or nutritionist. Customized private training allows us to work in a way that works for you.

We will track results weekly, and you’ll learn how to understand your body’s cues and clues. We will use a fitness tracker to show where, when, and how your workouts are effective or need adjusting. Or maybe you don’t want to track. I’ve been a personal trainer for 35 years, since before these things were available. So I know what to do to track your progress manually.

The point is, custom means just that: CUSTOM.

The minimum required sessions: 20 sessions.

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ALSO INCLUDED: A.R.T. Virtual Studio Membership

Online personal training also includes all the online fitness content: LiveStream Classes, OnRamp, Newbie Series, Fundamentals, Beginner Series, ART Mat 1.1-28.4, Holis Series, Covid Series LIVE, Stretch & Mobility, Components, MasterClasses, Prescriptives, New Series, and 2021 Releases,

⚡️Practice on your schedule.
⚡️Classes stream to all devices.
⚡️Over 450+ classes, workouts & series.
⚡️Beginner. Intermediate. Advanced.

Online personal trainer for seniors

Monthly Recipe Packs & Meal Plans

EAT WELL Recipes by Terri Walsh, a monthly compilation of delicious, easy-to-make recipes with easy-to-find ingredients. You’ll save time with meal prep, and all your macros are available with a scan code for myfitnesspal – so you can track to your heart’s content or not. And…again…they’re EASY AND DELICIOUS. They include:

⚡️New recipe pack every month
⚡️Printable PDF’s
⚡️Simple recipes, step by step
⚡️breakfasts, lunches, dinner and deserts!
⚡️accommodates gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free
⚡️shopping lists
⚡️snack smoothies and protein fruit bowls
⚡️meal planner calendar

free egg tuna toast recipe

Fill out the consultation request form and take control of your health from anywhere!

online personal trainer for men

Take control of your health from anywhere!


Results with Personal Trainer Terri Walsh

Here are some of my client results from my old NYC studio coupled with some current ones. My old youtube account has loads more, just google it!

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