How to do Lunges: Active Resistance Training® Technique Study

How to do Lunges: Active Resistance Training® Technique Study

⚡️How to do Lunges in The Active Resistance Training® tech study

The Tech Study is largely built around your basic building blocks of basic functional strength. These are must-do exercises in order to be able to participate in any fitness program and gain movement confidence, competency and fluency. Avoiding these exercises like many do sets you up for imbalance and injury.

There’s no single exercise that people hate more than lunges. ‘My knees’, ‘my back’, ‘my _____ – Anything real or imagined is used to get out of doing lunges. Weak quads, tight hamstrings and muscle imbalance are the main problem with lunges. You must work on them. You can correct and strengthen your legs to properly perform lunges and then….they feel good!

In the A.R.T. Method there is a set of 20 lunges on each single leg. We step back and down into the lunge rather than forward.

The lunge is where we build upon the balance you just trained in the previous exercise and here now, we double it. In the lunge the balance challenge is on the descent and again on the rise. You’re training single leg (unilateral) strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility all in one movement.

Stand with your feet squarely where they ended from the squat+balance. Step down and back with your right leg until both legs reach a 45 degree angle. Keep your chest up and eyes ahead. Your knee, hip, ribs and shoulders remain in one straight line and does not waver as you enter and leave each repetition.

Your back shin should be parallel to the floor and your front hamstring should be parallel to the floor.

Important tip: Maintain the active resistance IN THE FRONT FOOT. Almost NO weight goes into the back foot. The foot flexes, the knee softens and receives the descent. Push the front foot down to rise to repeat. Do not push off the back leg. Let me repeat that – do not push off the back leg. If your knees are iffy this is where you’ll tweak them. Maintain the active resistance for the duration of the set in the standing, non moving leg.

Engage the navel and keep the shoulders down and keep the ribcage closed during the duration of the exercise. Repeat 20 on the other side.

There are 20 single leg lunges on each leg. Let’s practice lunges! ⚡️

Can I do lunges every day?
Yes. You can do lunges everyday as long as you have no outstanding issues with your knees, hips, or low back; lunges are safe to perform daily.

Do lunges make your butt bigger?
Yes, but it depends. Lunges will make your butt bigger if you add ever-increasing loads (resistance) over time. If you want your butt smaller, you should stick to unweighted bodyweight lunges and shoot for high reps and many different variations.

Can lunges reduce thigh fat?
Lunges unto themselves do not reduce fat on the thighs. When performing lunges consistently, you’ll notice that your thighs (quadriceps) will appear firmer, smoother, and denser. Fat on the thighs, just like everywhere else, is burned off through the aerobic oxidation process of the Krebs cycle. So, lunges as a part of a consistent and moderately strenuous fitness program will burn body fat from all over, including the thighs.

Are lunges or squats better?
I love lunges and squats! I could never pick which one is better. The better question would be, what are your goals for the workout, and choose accordingly. I feel squats and lunges are best done alternatingly within the same workout, and I think their combined force outweighs their benefits.

What muscles do lunges work the most?
Lunges work the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, adductors, abductors. The most recruited muscle will be the gluteus maximus.

Do lunges slim your thighs?
Yes, lunges can slim your thighs over time with consistent regular practice.

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“All A.R.T. Method mat classes are entirely non-impact, total-body, joint-friendly, and designed to need only the space of your mat.”

“All A.R.T. Method mat classes are entirely non-impact, total-body, joint-friendly, and designed to need only the space of your mat.”

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Who is Terri Walsh?

Terri Walsh is the creator of the Active Resistance Training® Method, a celebrity personal trainer, and a 40-year veteran of the fitness industry in NYC. She now continues her personal training sessions online as well as teaches livestream fitness classes exclusively since her move to Costa Rica in 2014.

Terri was the first Creative Director of Programming at Crunch Fitness and she also headlined five different shows on Crunch Fitness’ ESPN2, including “Washboard Abs” videos. She created the “Yoga Block Workouts,” which were featured in Self, Women’s Health, Shape, Crunch Gyms, and many more. Terri is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Specialist. She’s been interviewed, quoted, and featured in numerous beauty, fashion, print, and television media for the length of her continuing career.

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Terri believes EVERYBody is a work of A.R.T. and that Movement Cures Everything.

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