How Do I Join a Zoom Fitness Class?

Hi! I’m Personal Trainer Terri Walsh, creator of the Active Resistance Training® Method, and I’ve been teaching for 35 years and teaching Livestream fitness classes exclusively since 2014. I can help you figure out how to join a zoom fitness class and help you get the most from your experience.

Most fitness instructors have had to pivot since Covid-19 and now teach their fitness classes using zoom online conferencing meeting software. Livestreaming on Zoom is new to many fitness instructors that generally show up to a gym or fitness studio to teach. Here’s how to support your favorite instructor’s journey into Livestream Zoom fitness instruction.

Here’s how to join a zoom fitness class:

1 – Download and install the Zoom App.
For you to join your favorite instructors’ classes, you’ll need to download the Zoom app. You can sign up for an account on their website Zoom.us and download and install the app for free on your computer or smartphone.

2 – Register for your class.
Next, your favorite teacher should have a sign-up or registration procedure in place for you to purchase a spot in their class. It may be on their website; you may send them a message via Instagram or Facebook if they don’t have a website. As an example – I use a platform called Ribbon Experiences to handle my class bookings, and you can see how that looks here.

3 – Receive your zoom link in your email.
After you purchase your spot in class, the booking platform or your instructor sends out the zoom meeting link to your email about 30 minutes before the meeting starts. This email contains a link to click to join the workout, the meeting id number, and a password.

4 – Join your class at class time! Be on time!
Joining the class is easy. Click on the link 5-10 minutes before the workout fun starts. When you click the link provided in the email, the Zoom app will automatically open, and you’ll have entered the meeting.
Be polite, and turn on your camera and unmute your mic. Say hello and greet your teacher! Your instructor may have to talk to you, or you may have concerns you want your instructor to know before class starts.

When class starts, always mute your mic so your instructor doesn’t have to deal with extraneous noise from your environment. It’s good manners!

PRO-TIP: Close all your other browser windows and mute all notifications, and of course, make sure you have enough internet speed to handle two-way video streaming. Expand your screen to full screen and place your laptop or phone on a sturdy surface.

5 – I didn’t get my zoom link! Help!
So, you did everything, and yet you received no email, no link! Now what? What happened?

The biggest problem is misspelling your email address in the sign-up, causing you not to receive your link. So always double-check your email address when signing up. Pay extra attention to this, so your instructor doesn’t have to dig through email and messages before class. There are so many things for them to coordinate and set-up – so make sure you get your email right, and you should have no problems enjoying your zoom fitness classes.

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