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30 Smoothie Recipes

– 30 simple Smoothie recipes
– YES. Protein Added!
– Nutritious, Fun, Delicious, Healthy, Colorful
– Sweet, Savory, Satisfying, Energizing
– Stabilizing, Anti-Inflammatory, Filling, Nourishing
– done for you two-week meal planner calendar

Power up with protein smoothies! Drink your way to good health and enjoy the delicious power of fruits and veggies. This incredible smoothie pack offers 30 easy-to-do recipes in a quick pdf download!

While I recommend smoothies in addition to a meal, I understand it’s not always possible and it’s not a stretch to say that smoothies are the best breakfast of all time – ❤️❤️ I think you’ll love them! You’ll easily get that boost of protein and feel satiated and satisfied.

Get your greens in, feel creative. These healthy smoothies you can make at home are food for the body and soul.

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matcha protein recipe
strawberry protein smoothie
banana shake recipe

Try These Other Recipe Packs

Healthy. Easy. Delicious. Recipe Packs

It’s fun to eat well! More simple to make recipes from high protein packs to vegan packs and more! And again, they’re EASY AND DELICIOUS.

They include

– Printable PDF’s
– Simple recipes, step by step
– breakfasts, lunches, dinner and desserts!
– accommodates gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free
– shopping lists
– snack smoothies and protein fruit bowls
– meal planner calendar

More Recipes Please!

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