5 Exercises To LOVE Your BUTT!

This sequence of Active Resistance Training glute exercises will fine-tune your back, side, top, and bottom glute from all angles in 10 minutes a day.

Do each of these exercises for a full minute every day and you’ll soon see how far a little love goes every day!

Here, I’m using the two standard ART foam yoga blocks and nothing but Active Resistance and my bodyweight.

Hovered External Hip Rotation
Lie on your side. Place foam yoga block under your hip. Place the other foam block under your 45-degree angle shin. Stack the shoulders, hips, and knees. Extend the top leg forward. PUSH DOWN INTO BLOCKS. Pull navel back and raise the top leg entirely. Maintain upper back engagement and abdominal engagement. Return to start. Switch sides.

Staggered Block Lunge+ Kickback
Stagger two foam yoga blocks. Left knee on the block, right hand on the block. Step rt foot in behind rt block, stand, return to quadruped, sweep right knee back to lift thigh w bent knee parallel to the floor. Switch sides.

Glute/Ham Engagement Pulse
Kneel and place one foot on top of a foam yoga block. Flex the foot on the back leg. Push down into the block with the front leg until the whole body ascends one to two inches from the floor. Replace gently. Switch sides.

Staggered Block BiLevel Hip Roll+ Ext
All the instructions from the previous exercise + push down harder and roll the entire hip open, lifting the right knee out the side and extending it laterally, and extending the leg backward. Switch sides

Staggered Block BiLevel Hip Roll
Place a foam yoga block under the rt hand and the left knee. Push down into the left block as hard as possible, pulling the navel up simultaneously. The right leg should leave the floor. The right leg does NOT initiate movement. You should feel this on the left hip and the abs. Switch sides.

Who is Terri Walsh?

Terri Walsh is the creator of the Active Resistance Training® Method, and a celebrity Trainer and 35 year veteran of the fitness industry in NYC. She now teaches online and Livestream fitness classes exclusively since her move to Costa Rica in 2014.

Terri was the first Creative Director of Programming at Crunch Fitness and she also headlined five different shows on Crunch Fitness’ ESPN2 including “Washboard Abs” videos. She created the “Yoga Block Workouts” which were featured in Self, Women’s Health, Shape, Crunch Gyms, and many more. Terri is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Specialist. She’s been interviewed, quoted, and featured in numerous beauty, fashion, print, and television media over the length of her continuing career.

See HERE for media where Terri Walsh is featured

Terri believes EVERYBody is a work of A.R.T. and that Movement Cures Everything.

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