How to do Crunches For Beginners: Active Resistance Training® Tech Study

How to do Crunches For Beginners:  Active Resistance Training® Tech Study

⚡️How to do Crunches in the Active Resistance Training® tech Study

Crunch type movements have become somewhat passe’ in terms of the defacto abdominal exercise. Recent research shows that plank variations are more effective and much of the industry has moved in that direction and I have as well.

You’ve noticed throughout the tech study to this point where planks have been utilized. It’s still a good idea to deconstruct the traditional crunch movements and understand them. Utilizing the blocks and the active resistance here takes them to a much different conclusion than a sore neck and back pain. If done correctly the crunch and eliminate back pain and release your lower back.

– slide the blocks under your calves
– push the calves down into the blocks finding the active resistance in downward pressure.
– You’ll feel your hamstrings engage.
– Keep your quads relaxed.
– Keep your glutes relaxed
– Place your hands on your ribs and lift the head and shoulders and slide your ribs toward your hips until you feel your ribs meet your abdominal wall.
– Then move hands to the front of the forehead elbows pointing at your knees.
– Pushing down slide the ribs toward the hips curling up even higher.
– Hold the upperbody still
– Tap the right heel to the floor and then the block
– Maintain CONSTANT active resistance in the left leg with calf on block
– Repeat 20 rt, and 20 left.

Ab exercise number 2. 20 reps

– Place block between legs and SQUEEZE
– Press feet into the floor until you feel your hamstrings engage.
– Relax your glutes
– Engage upper body as you did in previous exercise
– Slide the ribs toward the hips never releasing all the way down to the floor. Repeat for 20.
– Ribs MUST remain engaged – do not open them up to return to the floor
– Hands stay at the front of the forehead, elbows toward knees
– Navel pulls down toward floor continually.
– The head follows the ribs. Do not lift your head.

This is important because many experience neck pain in crunches because they actively lift their head rather than their head remaining still. Keep your head STILL. Lead the exercise with your chest and ribs sliding forward. There is no lifting.
Again: there is NO LIFTING OF THE HEAD.

Your head follows your ribs – practice that until you get it.

And exercise number 3. 20 reps

– place a lock under your head
– Place a block between your knees
– Press your feet into the floor until you feel your hamstrings engage
– Keep your butt relaxed
– Press your head into the block
– Squeeze the block
– Slide arms under the tailbone. Push down into the floor with them.
– Pull navel down and bring the block toward your nose. Keeping your ribcage closed.
– Tap your toes to the floor, pull knees into your chest and repeat for 20 reps.

If you feel pain or strain in your neck. Stop. Disengage. Re-engage the active resistance. Only practice it without pain and strain in your neck. Otherwise you’re training yourself to hurt! Release from the exercise and start over every time your neck feels it.

Now let’s practice! ⚡️

Can you get abs from crunches?
Yes! You can use crunches to define and build abdominal muscles.
The best way to build your abs is to do many reps and then do more reps, and then…… do more reps. Then, add weight. And do it all again!

Do crunches burn belly fat?
No. Not by themselves. Cardiovascular activity burns belly fat. So, to burn belly fat, you’ll need to combine a healthy diet along with regular aerobic exercise. Try strength training, HIIT, or activities like cycling, rowing, running, or even regular walking.

Can doing crunches flatten your stomach?
Yes, doing crunches can help flatten your stomach, but it’s not the sole component of a flat stomach. Diet, cardiovascular activity, and strength training of the whole body are necessary. It also helps to investigate food intolerances that may cause bloating and disturbance.

Is it OK to do crunches every day?
Yes, it is OK to do crunches every day. I’d recommend doing them every day if you’d like to get flat abs!

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“All A.R.T. Method mat classes are entirely non-impact, total-body, joint-friendly, and designed to need only the space of your mat.”

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